Mocking wounded warrior is SNL’s idea of political satire

I don’t know what drives liberal mind to sit around the writers’ table at Saturday Night Live and came up with the sketch featuring Pete Davidson this weekend mocking a wounded warrior.

To mock Dan Crenshaw a Navy SEAL veteran, who lost an eye in combat and did two more tours after that, and is now running for Congress as a Republican in Texas seems desperate and depraved.

But let’s remember NBC was the home of Megyn Kelly and Alex Baldwin — both having bad weeks for their actions.

So into this morass, enters opportunist Michael Bloomberg buys an ad during “60 Minutes” saying there is no moral guidance coming from the White House after the Pittsburgh shooting.

“So I’m going vote Democrat,” Bloomberg says in the ad. However the billionaire runs as whatever party has an opening. A lifetime Democrat, he switched to the Republican Party in 2001 to run against Democrat Mark Green. After winning re-election  he left the Republican Party soon afterward and campaigned as an Independent Party candidate to change term limits law and won a third term as an Independent.

I really don’t care what Bloomberg thinks as far as party affiliation because he’s now a Democrat to run for President in 2020.

My question on Pittsburgh is this: The shooter despised President Trump on social media, Rabbi Jeffrey Myers asked the President not to come to offer condolences and yet it’s the President’s fault for not showing the proper amount of healing or condemnation?

Into this obfuscation of facts, the country goes to the polls Tuesday. As I wrote Sunday, I can’t see how the House can move to Democratic control given this faux rhetoric being forced fed on the nation.

Please get to the polls.

2 thoughts on “Mocking wounded warrior is SNL’s idea of political satire

  1. SNL does a complete rehearsal of their show without cameras rolling. They couldn’t see that this was a terrible, tasteless joke and cut it from the final show? Idiots.


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