Avenatti’s at 14:59 on his claim to fame

Michael Avenatti wants us to presume his innocent on criminal domestic violence charges brought against him by a woman who claims to be “swollen and bruised” after a confrontation with him.

Avenatti allegedly told police “That she hit me first.” If true, then that speaks volumes on the character of the leftist media’s latest wonder boy.

The lawyer, who represents porn actress Stormy Daniels in her case to throw out a non-disclosure agreement between the actress and President Trump, has spent more time the last 6 months in TV studios than courtrooms.

MSNBC and CNN gave Avenatti a large platform to throw many accusations and disparate remarks against Trump that were not even part of the original civil suit.

What this ambulance chaser did during the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearings  was so abusive that he and his “client” Julie Swetnick, according to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, are subject to the Department of Justice for a possible criminal investigation over allegations they made false statements to Congress.

So this dreg of society, who exploded on the scene only to now flame out like so many other roman candles making big splashes on the scene only to be relegated to the trash bin of history soon afterward.

His fame stopwatch is now at 14:59, according to Andy Warhol’s calculations.

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