Comey’s testimony will never be recalled by anyone

Ex-FBI chief James Comey was supposed to give testimony before a House panel at Friday’s closed-door session. Unfortunately he gave nothing but 245 “I don’t recall.” “I can’t remembers.”

Comey last week was in court in an attempt to get this testimony in open House session, which would have limited the time panel members could ask questions and also curtail being questioned on classified matters.

So a compromise was struck that a transcript would be released soon after the testimony concluded. This document will be worthless since Comey could not recall the answers to most questions and if he did remember he was advised by a Justice Department lawyer not to answer the question on advice of counsel.

Most of the questions not being answered generally concerned the Hillary Clinton email probe, surveillance warrants and the anti-Trump dossier, according to Republican House panel member Darrell Issa from California.

“One of the disappointments of this deposition so far has been the amount of times in which the FBI believes that Congress doesn’t have a right to know,” Issa said.

President Trump tweeted:

It is being reported that Leakin’ James Comey was told by Department of Justice attorneys not to answer the most important questions. Total bias and corruption at the highest levels of previous Administration. Force him to answer the questions under oath!

“The Department of Justice is going to have to agree to allow him to come back and answer a great many questions that currently he is not answering,” Issa said.

The next step on all these House probes is to get them moved over to the Senate before Congress breaks for Christmas and the House comes under Democratic control on Jan. 3rd.

The incoming Democratic House leadership has already said they will end all these probes into the FISA warrants and DOJ and FBI transgressions.

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