Mr. President leadership is needed right now

President Trump needs to lead right now.

He needs to declare a national emergency or whatever other mechanism at his disposal to build the border wall and move on.

This duel he is having with the democrats is not making the president look strong. He appears ineffectual and bowing to the demands of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

His next move needs to allocate the needed funds to build the wall, which will move the country past this to get the shutdown over.

The time is now to show he is a leader and move past the shutdown. Most Americans are unaffected by the shutdown, but they hear about it every day and it has an effect on eroding his leadership.

Leadership is perceived. The perception is he is being held hostage by the democrats over the wall. Nothing is further from the truth. However he is being made to look weak for the 2020 election.

President Trump needs to end this wall stalemate now with a bold move in order to put the onus back on the democrats to open the government and get back to his agenda.

Get the money needed for the wall from whatever source possible and get back to the agenda that you promised to lead. That’s what the country needs right now.

2 thoughts on “Mr. President leadership is needed right now

  1. I totally agree! This is nothing but “personal opinions” for the Dems. They are not listening to the people as always. I really wish that someone would send Pelosi a print out of her job description & also inform her that the House Chamber is not her personal domain. Last time I checked Speaker of the House has no right to tell a sitting President what he can & can not do let alone when & where. All of this is getting old fast…….Have a good day Michael


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