Another mysterious JPMorgan banker death

Back in late 2013 a string of 40 or so mysterious banker deaths and suicides began to occur. I worked on producing this award-winning story and video.

At the time the deaths were puzzling because it was happening after these financial executives survived the Great Recession and near-collapse of the banking industry in 2008-2009.

I subsequently believed many of the suicides were ultimately tied to the Libor scandal, which was just breaking in the news at the time.

So fast forward to today. Last week I just learned about another key JPMorgan executive who mysteriously died. Douglas (Doug) Arthur Carucci, 53.

“Doug has been a part of CIB Technology since 2011 and has been a friend and mentor to many colleagues across the firm, and a greatly respected leader. He possessed a very rare combination of markets, analytics and technology knowledge, business acumen, and people leadership skills. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family,” a JPMorgan spokesperson said.

The bank would not comment on cause or circumstance of his death. While Carucci and his wife and children appear to live in Manhattan there are no reports of his death with the medical examiner.

There are obituary reports that state Carucci’s funeral was held at the Riverside Memorial Chapel in Manhattan on Friday, March 15.

According to Carucci’s LinkedIn profile, he was a Managing Director at the bank and employed there since June 2011. He shows the titles of Global Head of Currencies, Emerging Markets, and Commodities Technology and Global Head of FICC Electronic Trading Technology. Carucci was recently promoted to Global Head of Macro Technology.

Rest in peace Mr. Carucci.

2 thoughts on “Another mysterious JPMorgan banker death

  1. Thanks for posting the links, Michael!! The word “banker” always brings to my mind the Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard & the heart wrenching story of how he got “out”. For anyone who has not listened to his story, please do so! It gives a clearer picture of how the world REALLY works!!

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