Trump’s ‘Godfather’ moment on immigration

In the last several days President Trump and his consigliere Stephen Miller have settled all family business when it comes to dealing with immigration.

The departures of Department of Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen and head of the Secret Service Randolph Alles along with the pulling of Ron Vitiello’s nomination to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement show the extent of displeasure the White House has with the current staff’s protection of the southern border.

Lee Cissna, director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, could be the next one to be axed or resign. The Secret Service falls under Homeland Security agency, which oversees the US’s immigration and national-security apparatus.

Trump has requested that Miller and other senior White House staff take a more active role in instituting a stronger policy to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from streaming into the country.

Obviously there was a disconnect between what Trump was hearing about Homeland Security from his White House aides and what was actually happening at the border, which he toured late last week with Nielsen.

Trump’s preferred choice to lead Homeland Security is Kevin McAleena, who is currently the Customs and Border Protection Commissioner. However, according to federal guidelines, the deputy secretary for the department, Claire Grady, would have to be named acting secretary when Nielsen officially turns in her resignation sometime this week.

All that’s left is for Trump to tell Nielsen is, “It’s business, it’s not personal.”

1 thought on “Trump’s ‘Godfather’ moment on immigration

  1. Aaaah…….Our Beleagered Border!! Katie Hopkins did an interview with a man from Brownsville,TX. The people there are living in a continual State of War; they cannot even feel safe in their own homes! :0( One of his neighbors had even been burned out!! The “immigrants” have become very emboldened, knowing no one is going to stop them. In this Old Lady’s opinion,
    having once lived along the Border, I would say we need to send our troops down there to protect our own citizens.

    It has become quite evident, only those profiting from the drug & human trafficking trade oppose taking control of our border, to the detriment of our own citizens!! What sort of “logic” is that???!

    INTEGRITY & TRANSPERENCY should be the watchwords of our government at this moment in time! How is it that those displaying such virtues became “the hunted”?!!! I am SO encouraged by the many Citizen Journalists who have come forward to engage in this battle for decency!!!


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