Trump calls Twitter CEO Dorsey on the Oval Office carpet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was called to the Oval Office Tuesday afternoon after President Trump complained about shadow banning and manipulating the numbers of followers for Republicans in two tweets earlier in the morning.

“The best thing ever to happen to Twitter is Donald Trump.” So true, but they don’t treat me well as a Republican. Very discriminatory, hard for people to sign on. Constantly taking people off list. Big complaints from many people. Different names-over 100 M…..

…..But should be much higher than that if Twitter wasn’t playing their political games. No wonder Congress wants to get involved – and they should. Must be more, and fairer, companies to get out the WORD!

What made Dorsey jump on a flight out of San Fransisco to meet for 30 minutes with the President at a moments notice? The threat of federal regulation and competition.
Trump’s tweets scared the shite out of Tweeter’s board of directors, who thought Tuesday would be a good day given its earnings were much better than expected by Wall Street and the stock had a nice pop.
Is shadow banning real? Yes, Twitter will take tweets its algorithms find questionable and hide them from followers. The user sees it in their feed, but followers don’t.
Also the number of followers will fluctuate so wildly from day-to-day usually to the downside if you happen to be on the conservative side of the aisle. Dorsey attributed this to Twitter deleting spam accounts and told the President he loses followers as well.
Here’s some proof that the corporate culture of Twitter is suspect when it comes to conservative voices. In an internal conversation about Dorsey meeting with the President, Dorsey wrote: “Some of you will be very supportive of our meeting [with] the president, and some of you might feel we shouldn’t take this meeting at all. In the end, I believe it’s important to meet heads of state in order to listen, share our principles and our ideas.”
How odd that the CEO has to almost apologize or justify to his workers that he is taking a meeting with the President of the United States?
While neither party commented after the meeting it is believed Trump put Dorsey on notice that these issues against conservatives have to be worked out well before the 2020 elections.

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