Raniere will squawk about high-profile NXIVM supporters

So now that Keith Raniere has been convicted as a sex trafficker among other federal charges and faces life imprisonment for his criminal activities leading NXIVM, he must be squawking to the FBI before his Sept. sentencing.

While actress Allison Mack and heiress Claire Bronfman gave the feds everything they needed to convict Raniere, he knows where the funding and who turned their head the other way in order for this deviate group of sex traffickers to succeed for so long.

I call the NXIVM perverts sex traffickers and not a cult because people join a cult, but children were kidnapped and did not choose to join NXIVM.

Turning Raniere should be as easy as a skateboard, with everything we know about this psychological-defected being, spending life in prison should make him a danger to himself and others.

I’m sure there are NY politicians — both on the local and national levels — are scrutinizing donor lists and correspondences to purge any mention Raniere or NXIVM.

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