Another bout of shaking for Germany’s Merkel

For the second time in a week German Chancellor Angela Merkel is seen shaking while struggling to control it at a public event.

The German leader was said to be suffering from dehydration at a ceremony last week were the shaking bordered on seizure-like convulsions.

When reporters questioned if Merkel, 64, was going to the G-20 in Japan a spokesperson confirmed, ““Everything is taking place as planned. The chancellor is well.”



Here is video (below) of the German leader as she listen to the German National Anthem welcoming the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy at a ceremony last Thursday.




1 thought on “Another bout of shaking for Germany’s Merkel

  1. There is something called “Living with one’s Limitations”…BUT…one has to recognize it, doesn’t one?! 😉


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