Pervo Epstein’s connections still make him formidable

The news over the last week on disgraced former financier Jeffery Epstein shows not only his depravity, but the high-power connections he enjoyed to escape serious jeopardy.

As I wrote Monday, Epstein was able to work out a deal with the feds in 2007 that allowed him to escape serious jail time for sexually assaulting numerous underage girls and plead to a Florida state charge of soliciting prostitutes.

This sweetheart deal ultimately cost Alexander Acosta his Cabinet position in Trump’s White House, since he was the US Attorney in Miami at the time.

I assume the FBI’s New York office is also conducting interviews with some of the bold-faced names that have appeared in Epstein’s black book and the “Lolita Express” flight manifests.

Now accusations from a Florida lawyer, who represents some of these victims, states that while Epstein was serving his “sweetheart deal” in West Palm Beach jail, he continued his deviate acts.

Epstein was on a work-release program during his 13-month sentence,  which permitted him to spend up to 16 hours a day, six days a week at his non-profit’s office in West Palm Beach.

There it’s alleged by Brad Edwards, who represents Epstein accuser Courtney Wild and several other alleged victims, Epstein had some “office visitors, some who were flown to him from New York and continuing to engage in similar conduct, literally while he was in jail.

On Thursday, federal Judge Richard M. Berman is expected to rule on Epstein’s request to be granted bail and put under house arrest at his tony $77 million Manhattan mansion until trial on conspiracy and sex trafficking charges begins.

While that appears to be unlikely, nothing about what Epstein has already been able to get away with in the past appeared likely either.


1 thought on “Pervo Epstein’s connections still make him formidable

  1. Excellent article mgray. Yes, it appears that he has/had some powerful connections. This is very concerning because we know that he will continue to do what he does. The monster needs to be stopped completely. NO DEALS!

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