White House eyes taking on Silicon Valley over its liberal biases

The White House is drafting an executive order to combat social media biases against conservative voices by big tech firms, according to a new report.

President Trump has been very vocal recently in calling out Silicon Valley executives publicly explaining that they hold anti-conservative biases, while whistleblowers from Google, Facebook and Twitter have demonstrated changes in the algorithms to quell the reach of right-leaning voices.

“The President announced at this month’s social media summit that we were going to address this and the administration is exploring all policy solutions,” a second White House official told Politico Wednesday when asked about the draft order.

The President last month brought a number of online conservative voices to the White House to give further attention to the idea that Silicon Valley — through its social media platforms — have been quelling conservative voices through “shadowbanning.”

The White House draft has been through extensive rewrite, according to the Politico article, and its release is uncertain at this time.

However, President Trump just this week called out Google CEO Sundar Pichai for his firm’s changing of hot-button search terms such as “abortion” as alleged by a company whistleblower.


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