What comes next in Epstein case is very interesting

While the exact cause of Jeffery Epstein’s death may not be known for sometime, awaiting a forensic autopsy, there is another action that will come sooner.

Certainly the Manhattan coroner’s office can offer a temporary death certificate pending final deposition of the investigation. This death certificate is all you need to begin probate hearings Monday morning on Epstein’s will.

As an aside, I believe Epstein’s body was flown to the FBI lab at Quantico, VA for examination over the weekend. Given Attorney General’s William Barr’s reaction to the death. Barr played the perfect Captain Louis Renault from “Casablanca” on Saturday, I am shocked- shocked– to find that [a suicide] is going on in here!

However, his estate most likely rests with Manhattan’s Surrogate’s Court, which handles probate of wills. It will be interesting to see who shows up for this and who the executor of the will is.

Is it Epstein’s younger brother Mark or Ghislaine Maxwell?

Since Jeffery Epstein has not been convicted of a crime in this case does President Trump’s Executive Order on asset forfeiture for human trafficking apply?

We know that United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey  Berman stated his office will still pursue the conspiracy charge in the Epstein case. This means the SDNY will bring charges against other individuals in connection with human trafficking.

Certainly there are civil cases where damages may need to be paid from the estate’s assets, but that is a can of worms that could take years to sort out.

The newsman in me says I would be camped out at the Surrogate’s Court Monday morning — across from City Hall and just down the block from the Metropolitan Correction Center where Jeffery Epstein died — to see who may show up.


1 thought on “What comes next in Epstein case is very interesting

  1. Michael….you had me laughing out loud with the “Casa Blanca” reference!!! 😉 Hitler committed suicide also…..didn’t he????? 😉 Didn’t two planes bring down the Twin Towers?????


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