The Jeffery Epstein horrors that no one talks about

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and spreading the word on my breaking news report Wednesday about the horrors inflicted by Jeffery Epstein on a 5 year-old girl. This story needs to be told again and again as the media attempts to depict the child sex groomer as nothing more than a guy who liked teenage girls.

Please if you can repost on Facebook and tweet out that story so more people will know the horrors Epstein along with Ghislaine Maxwell committed to young children grooming them for very well-known people. These people need to be outed for their perversions and pay the price.

However, if we allow mainstream news outlets to report only on the 16- and 17-year-old girls testifying to his creepiness, then those Epstein worked for in Hollywood, Washington, DC and Wall Street will simply find another pawn to do their procurement.

I thank you for your support on this important mission to help save some young children from these monsters.


2 thoughts on “The Jeffery Epstein horrors that no one talks about

  1. Yes! The Silent Majority need to be no longer silent!!! dnajlion7 does his best to keep this all in the public’s attention…..the entire focus of his videos is to expose those who would continue to harm our children!!! Thank you, Michael, for the part you are playing!!


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