Trump knows were the Crowdstrike servers are located

Readers may recall how I wrote last month about the Crowdstrike server in the Ukraine and its founder Ukrainian billionaire Dmitri Alperovitch.

Well on Wednesday in the Oval Office President Trump mentioned the Crowdstrike server eight times in his minute-long comment to the press. The President is asking where the server is located.

Trump of course knew the servers were in Kiev at the Crowdstrike offices. He also knows what information is on the servers. It’s not only Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

The servers also contain huge treasure trove of encrypted communications between many US Intelligence figures working on covert arms deals. The funneling of cash for arms to northern African countries and the Middle East.

It’s a huge can of worms that many in DC never want to see opened. Many of the names associated with the Russian Dossier are key players in the covert arms deals mentioned on the servers.

My educated guess here is that Trump’s White House already has the servers and all that is contained on them. The reason he mentioned it eight times was to alert the media and the American public that this is “yuge” news that will be coming out soon.


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