Battle lines are being drawn in wake of Horowitz report

How do I know the Russian Collusion report from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is about to be released?

Well some of the alleged perpetrators are beginning to talk to left-wing media outfits attempting to justify their actions.

It appears that some of the FBI agents, who were involved, are pointing their fingers at the CIA for having bogus intelligence that they were forced to act upon.

So while we have been waiting for Horowitz as well an US Attorney John Durham’s criminal complaints, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as we see the Deep State actors hiring lawyer and drawing battle lines across the Obama-era intelligence operations.

While Horowitz’s report will only look at the actions of the DOJ/FBI, Durham’s probe will take in the all nefarious actions of the intelligence agencies starting with Joseph Mifsud, who I wrote about last week.


1 thought on “Battle lines are being drawn in wake of Horowitz report

  1. Mike
    OT, you’re good at tracking finances and bean counters ghost books. How is hotwheelz getting around and what kind of financial resources or backers does he have. My analysis says he is not acting alone, grinding the axe with Jim Watkins is a side show to make us believe that’s all it is, but there’s other factors (not obvious, but its there if you look close enough) that says otherwise.

    On your write up, I agree, but I don’t think it’s their free choice. Their nuts were caught in a vice 3 years ago and their deal was to go along with the scripted plan ( they know the decks are stacked against them, they agree to the script w/NDA attached).


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