Flynn’s exoneration will uncover the Obamagate ‘Keystone’ cops

As I wrote yesterday, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn is the keystone to the unraveling of the “Russia Russia Russia” hoax and Obamagate.

It goes much deeper than Flynn being door-knocked by two FBI agents — the much maligned Peter Strzok and the invisible man Joe Pientka — at the order of then-FBI chief James Comey.

Flynn some months earlier was subject to an illegal FISA spying warrant. We know this from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report to Congress.

Flynn was also the victim of an illegal “unmasking” — his identity was leaked to the press — a criminal act punishable by 10 years in prison.

My readers know all this for more than a year as I have written exhaustibly on the Obama administration’s take down of this American hero. Yet only now it is time for all the details to come out.

The Army general was not served well by his first lawyers Covington & Burling and his current attorney Sidney Powell has uncovered many questionable admissions and filings by the firm to question who or what client Covington & Burling was actually serving.

So why Flynn? Why did President Obama fear this man so much that he told incoming President Trump specifically not to hire him?

Flynn would have been the only Trump staffer to know that the “Russia Russia Russia” was a hoax from Day One. He already had evidence that the Steele Dossier was pure fiction.

That’s why Comey and then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe sent their attack dogs to the White House without notifying the proper channels or advising Flynn of his right to an attorney.

If the take down of Trump had any semblance of reality these Obama acolytes needed to gin up charges against Flynn to remove his prior knowledge and expertise from the administration.

This is why the original FBI notes of the Flynn meeting are missing and Strzok and his lover FBI lawyer Lisa Page needed to rewrite the document numerous times and then switch the author.

Now that all the partisan former DOJ officials from the Obama administration are screaming over Attorney General Bill Barr’s move to halt prosecution, I have one question.

Why did Federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who presided over the case, never proceed to sentence Flynn during the three years he had the guilty plea? It was not only due to Flynn’s legal motions.

Yes, the general will bring down the Obamagate ‘Keystone’ cops