The why behind the Deep State’s endless supply of impeachment whistleblowers

How much money has the Deep State diverted through its Ukrainian operations?

It must be huge cache of cash and arms since they are launching so many whistleblower smokescreens to impeach President Trump to keep him out of their Ukraine money pipelines.

Over the last twenty years hundreds of billions of dollars have moved through the Ukraine in the for of aid and loans.Most of that cash was diverted for covert operations that had little to do with Ukraine.

Now when I say Deep State I mean the permanent government. The unknown players who are in government no matter who is in the White House. They move through the intelligence, diplomatic and NGO worlds as easily as water through a sieve.

Case in point: Rep Adam Schiff’s secretive impeachment hearings are centered on Deep State testimony.

Amb. William Taylor: The former ambassador to the Ukraine has been working with Ukraine since the Soviet Union broke apart. Taylor coordinated US and international assistance to the new countries after the fall of communism.

Fiona Hill: Former Trump advisor on Russia, who also served as a White House intelligence officer to both George W Bush and Barack Obama, blasted Rudy Giuliani for his meddling in Ukrainian affairs.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: Worked under Hill on the National Security staff at the White House. Both him and his twin brother Lt. Col. Yevgheny Vindman are reportedly Ukrainian born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

A third brother Leonid Vindman, who reportedly was fined $1.3 billion when he worked for Unicredit for violating trading sanctions by trafficking nuclear energy materials to Libya and Iran, runs Tungsten Capital an investment firm with ties to former Soviet satellite countries.

Each of these Deep State whistleblowers either directly and indirectly have financial ties to Ukraine and have every reason to stop Trump’s involvement looking at Ukraine.

It’s interesting that the initial whistleblower said the transcript of the call was “a true representation of the call” yet now testimony is coming out that that may not be true.

The desperation is so thick you can feel it.


7 thoughts on “The why behind the Deep State’s endless supply of impeachment whistleblowers

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