Schiff’s latest Star (Chamber) witness

So Friday afternoon’s secret impeachment guest in the Capitol Building basement was no other than David Holmes an aide to Ambassador William Taylor who is heading up the embassy in Kiev.

Holmes testified that he and two others from the embassy that he overheard EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland call with the President after speaking with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky. On the call Holmes states he heard the President ask Sondland, “So, he’s going to do the investigation?”

Sondland replied that Zelensky “loves your ass,” and he would pursue the investigation, and also would do “anything you ask him to,” Holmes allegedly heard as well.

So here we have another “witness” overhearing a cellphone conversation in a Kiev restaurant between Sondland and the President alleging quid pro quo.

I am wondering if Igor Korval will be the next one lured to testify before Rep. Adam Schiff’s Star Chamber?

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