Hollywood faces a tough 2020, just look at Gervais’ kickoff

Let’s see how Hollywood fares in the next 10 months after starting off the year with Ricky Gervais’ startling screed at the Golden Globes Sunday night.

The initial reaction seems to point to an awakening by some to the “alternative” reality these “stars” are controlled by.

While 14 million households watched the broadcast, 16 million watched the opening monologue on Twitter Monday. Gervais added some 300,000 new Twitter followers yesterday as well.

Not that easy for Tinseltown to answer back as disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein shuffles into a New York City courthouse with a walker equipped with brand new tennis balls on the feet. I assume he does not need that piece of equipment full time.

No Gervais was calling out these “influencers” on their connection to dead pedophile Jeffery Epstein just as “60 Minutes” was showing its latest spin on whether it was murder or suicide.

Granted I don’t think the Oscar’s telecast will be the eye-opening event the Globes were, however let’s see what the ratings are for that show.

Let’s face it, how many American woman can agree with actress Michelle Williams in her remarks about using abortion as a career enhancer? I’m thinking close to zero if you don’t live on the two coasts.

Williams should have taken Gervais’ advice and went up and thank her agent and then “shut the F up,” because no one wants to be lectured by Hollywood.

Look at this way. Hollywood needs to get in line with America or it could wind up as the next industry to be tossed into the trash bin of history. Alternative venues on the web can provide what most of America wants, just like music industry.


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