US may be at the end of the beginning of Covid-19 outbreak

President Trump has been champing at the bit to get America back to work stating that “America was not built to be shut down,” suggesting that a change may be coming.


Well that change will involve treatment of New York City victims of the coronavirus. The city now has half of all the US infections of Covid-19.

The treatment being used involves the use of two off the shelf drugs. One is hydroxychloroquine, which used to treat Lupus and malaria and Azithromycin, which is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections.

There have been successful anecdotal trials using these two drugs for 5-7 days treatment to combat the disease in Europe and in the US.

Understanding that according to the latest numbers available some 80% of those infected will get better over the same time frame, the trials beginning Tuesday in New York, will need to show greater improvement and early indications are that it does.

On Monday news broke of a upstate New York doctor who treated 350 patients over the weekend with the two drugs.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko stated the treatment alleviated symptoms in all patients and that the ones who had labored breathing resolved itself in 4-6 hours. There were no hospitalizations after treatment and no deaths.

Of course this is not your typical double-blind test that is the standard protocol, but as Trump has said the US needs to get back up and running and can’t wait for peer-reviewed studies taking more than 6 months.

Given all this, I am looking for the President to announce at the end of the 15-day period next week to say that he is asking younger Americans — perhaps 45 and under — to go back to work. If you feel sick stay home and get this treatment. The federal government will take on any liabilities for the treatment just like it does for childhood vaccines.

All other workers can remain in their homes for the time being as the CDC monitors the results of those returning to work. Do infection rates rise? Is the treatment successful?

It will be a slow process, but I would think by late June — if all goes well — America will be on the other side of this pandemic and beginning a recovery.

2 thoughts on “US may be at the end of the beginning of Covid-19 outbreak

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  2. Hydroxychloroquine May NOT Work Without Taking Zinc

    Please review the protocols that add zinc supplements to the protocol:  It is NOT just a HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE! & AZITHROMYCIN Protocol that is at the root of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s successful protocol that got President Trumps attention.  You have to add “Zinc”!  The  HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE allows zinc to penetrate the cell walls in our body;  and Zinc is possibly the most important aspect of how that protocol works (according to Dr. Eric Berg DC).  … Please review the specific information about Zinc doses used for successfully treating Coronavirus patients in video link below.


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