New US Covid-19 cases decreasing

The total number of new Covid-19 cases in the US decreased over the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday saw fewer new cases than the previous day.

While this is not a meaningful trend, the decrease in new cases is what we need to see first before other numbers such as deaths from the pandemic will then decrease in the near future.

Looking at infection rate maps in New York City and neighboring Nassau County shows that poorer communities have much higher rates of contracting the virus. The why behind this will be what academics will study for years.

Population density and/or the need to find daily work probably play a major role with this statistic along with proper access to healthcare.

The stock market soared higher Monday as the Dow Jones index rose 1,627 points on the favorably news in the reduction of new Covid-19 cases.


1 thought on “New US Covid-19 cases decreasing

  1. Just noticed that a 3-part series was fo put out by C. A. Fitts & Jon Rappaport….I’m sure it will be interesting!!! šŸ˜‰


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