Covid-19 to lead to new Cold War against China

The idea of engaging in an economic war against China is gaining ground.

A new Cold War appears to be forming among the hardest hit nations in the EU and other western allies over China’s obfuscation and reaction to the initial outbreak in Wuhan.

As reports come out of a greater second wave of Covid-19 cases sweeping through other Chinese provinces, the working hypothesis of the virus originating in a Wuhan bio lab is gaining more acceptance with the virologist community.

The narrative as I explained weeks ago suggests scientists were studying bats from Yuhan province, which is 600 miles away from Wuhan’s level-4 Bio Lab.  The scientists were studying whether the bat virus could mutate to other animals. There are reports that this study was partly funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Now the motive is unknown at this time. Was it an accidental leak of the virus or was it a more sinister bio attack. Doubtful we will ever know the truth, but perhaps President Trump’s reaction will give us an idea of culpability.

The stronger the measures taken by western countries could tip the scale on which country is at fault.

In any event as I wrote last month, this release occurred in mid-October, right around the time the World Military Games were concluding. The sporting event is the Olympic equivalent for NATO and other armies’ athletes to compete on a world stage.

This transmission explains how the pandemic exploded across the globe by early January as all these athletes returned home from the games and became Patient One in their countries.

This could also explain the many stories I have heard of people getting sick in December with an unknown flu. Many say this was the worst cold they ever had. Meaning of course that New York City had Covid-19 running through the population for at least two months before any diagnosis was made, thus explaining the soaring number of cases by March.

Look for the beginning of the economic sanctions against China to be revealed next week.


2 thoughts on “Covid-19 to lead to new Cold War against China

  1. Politicians can simply step aside and see if the economic machinery can auto correct and where it requires direct assistance.
    It might be possible to extend the lives if the chronically ill a little longer at the cost of destroying the same economy that supports them as well as everyone else but Death is assured for all in a short time yet Life goes on.
    Big “L” Life might be sacred and is many billions of years old but the lives of individuals come and go and when the end of these individual lives approaches we can offer compassionate care in the form of opiates or simply leave people to struggle in panic but we must not kill the economy that provides the care.


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