Americans are building up a different Covid-19 resistance

It appears Americans have begun building up a resistance to Covid-19.

Not a resistance that contains antibodies, but a resistance to having their Constitutional rights being trashed by overreaching state and local governments.

Whether that be practicing their faith in closed cars in church parking lots, curtailing their right to assemble or closing down non-essential aisles in grocery stores.

As more and more Americans begin to see that coming out of this pandemic the country will not be the same as two months ago, the fever pitch of an unknown future is beginning to take hold.

Will millions of unemployed workers forming the resistance take to the streets in an “American Spring” demanding answers and actions against those imposing draconian measures?

Thursday morning we will officially hear about perhaps another 6 million Americans filing for unemployment as these ranks grow week after week.

The seeds are sowing as temperatures rise both weather-wise and temperament-wise in those Americans most affected by the pandemic. Throwing $1,200 checks in their bank accounts will not quell their desire to question what is right.

As I wrote yesterday, if President Trump begins opening up the economy, then we should be prepared and acknowledge that more American will die from the disease. However as Trump said Wednesday, if we don’t open up, then there will be deaths from that decision as well.

The real question is — according to an old adage — “Resistance is futile”?

The answer could come from a newer saying. “When people lose everything, they have nothing left to lose, then they lose it.”


1 thought on “Americans are building up a different Covid-19 resistance

  1. It all DOES make one wonder what is REALLY going on, doesn’t it?!! Jason Goodman & Shepard Ambellas had an interesting program recently! Zacharia Sitchen, anyone???


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