Breaking down the Covid-19 bio-weapon

As I wrote Friday, the Covid-19 virus with all its complexities as compared to SARS virus and other contagions, is a manufactured bio-weapon.

The US government through its intelligence agencies has open an investigation to determine its creation and release into the wild, according to published reports.

This is a critical point in the pandemic battle of the virus since medical professionals are believing they are battling a natural occurring virus. The Covid-19 is designed to combat the usual treatments.

Immunity and vaccines have little success against this virus as it presents a multi-faceted envelope where antibodies of one facet will not aid in immunity for another facet.

The outside envelope consists of an HIV, MERS and SARS facets with a new corona virus contained inside.

Some researchers believe these differing facets explain the lethally for some while others do not realize they were even infected.

An analogy would be spinning the wheel. If Covid-19 infects your body with MERS virus and then unleashes the corona virus that may produce one outcome for the patient, while another may get the SARS/corona virus combination that could be more deadly.

The virus with a multi-faceted defense is a telltale sign of it being manufactured by splicing different pathogens into a combined payload. The odds of this contagion forming in the wild from multiple different animal species is off the charts.

Not until we arm our researchers with appropriate weapons as to the origin of the contagion can they begin to win this battle. Until that time we are far away from beating this pandemic.


1 thought on “Breaking down the Covid-19 bio-weapon

  1. The opinion of this Grandmother is that this Plandemic is well on its way to controlling the entire world…..a very few people at The Top are dictating where I may go, what I must wear(mask), to whom I may speak, what I may or may not buy & dictating there must be no human contact!! How about deciding what is or is NOT an “essential” business?!! Would a truly “educated public” allow someone else to dictate every aspect of their lives?? DUH!!! 😉


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