New Yorkers must stand up now, not in 2021

Everywhere you turn it appears those with any power are contradicting The Constitution.

The rights of the people, which cannot be abridged by government, are being violated in the name (fill in the blank). Covid-19, Obamagate, the economy.

Whether it’s citizens rights to assemble or speak freely, to justice in the courts or helping fund people instead of businesses. These violations go unchallenged in the media under the guise of never letting a a crisis go to waste.

It does no American well to struggle financially, emotionally or mentally over the last two months only to eventually come out of this severely wounded civilly.

Surely some Democratic state politicians are not looking at the Covid-19 data to inform their decisions going forward. In New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is basing his decisions on facts, however he changes the playing field instead of his plans when the facts change.

The primary objective was to “flatten the curve,” which was achieved weeks ago in New York. Yet Cuomo is still holding New York City and its suburbs in lock down and will probably do so for the rest of this year.

Now the new goalpost is we need testing and tracing. Again, The Constitution takes it on the chin.

What about citizens rights to privacy and against self-incrimination?

Fast forward two years. Insurance companies have determined that people who had Covid-19 are no longer suitable for medical or life insurance due to a yet unforeseen complication. You say that could never happen?

Did you hear we shutdown New York City for nine months in 2020?

It does New York or the nation no good to have only certain businesses in Plattsburgh, NY open and most of the rest of the state still under quasi self-imposed martial law.

Under Cuomo’s current plan New York City and all its small businesses will not be able to open in 2020. The logistics of putting together a testing and tracing program cannot be implemented even if Covid-19 czar Michael Bloomberg says it can. The scale of the endeavor is too massive.

New Yorkers — as well as Americans — need to say enough is enough. We know who the vulnerable populations are. So let’s use this time wisely to protect them as well as their rights and let others get back to work, school and life.

Instead of waiting until summer of 2021 to admit that the testing and tracing programs have been of little help in mitigating the spread after spending billions on it, go to the nursing homes and the densely populated areas of the city and develop a plan for them.

This kicking-the-can-down-the-road by moving the goalposts has a huge price on the lives of so many New Yorkers. These people may not show up in any statistics just yet, but they are suffering and may explode at any moment.

Governor, I don’t think this is the re-imaged society you envisioned.


2 thoughts on “New Yorkers must stand up now, not in 2021

  1. It’s always “Follow the Money”, isn’t it??? The Gov’t is supposed to be subservient to the will of The People….not the other way around!!


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