Dem governors playing games with jobless numbers

The devastating US unemployment numbers pointing to 23 million jobless Americans seems not to be enough pain for Democratic governors.

Over the last few weeks two Democratic-led states have submitted over-inflated bogus unemployment statistics.

Whether the error was to make President Trump’s economy look even worse or to use the larger bogus numbers to pressure Congress for more state aid, these wrong submissions  are very rare.

Two weeks ago Connecticut reported 298,680 initial jobless claims when the real number was  29,846.

Then last Thursday, Massachusetts claimed 1,184,792 initial claims under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program. The amended figure was 115,952 initial claims reported to the Labor Department’s report.

This number was so far off based that it actually doubled the national figure for unemployment for the week.

So when the real numbers are plugged into the reports the nation’s initial unemployment numbers appear to be coming down week over week instead of climbing as was originally reported.


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