Hunter Biden questions never showed up at town halls

The great coverup continued last night as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was not asked one question about his son Hunter’s involvement with foreign governments at his town hall meeting with moderator George Stephanopoulos.

During the 90-minute discussion with undecided voters on Thursday night, Biden was given what many pundits believe were softball questions. The New York Post exclusive stories of his son Hunter selling access to the sitting Veep was never broached.

Conversely, President Trump held a competing town hall with Savannah Guthrie, who was far more combative in her questioning than Stephanopoulos. The Hunter Biden question however did not come up in their discussion either.

Guthrie did spend some time asking Trump if he denounces white supremacy and the QAnon movement. These are questions the President has answered numerous times, but the left continue to bring them up as a way of tarring him.

Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook are still throttling back from users from sharing the links to The Post story, despite the CEOs — Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg — being summoned to Capital Hill next week to probe their involvement in election tampering over their censoring conservative voices.

As a point of comparison my post from Thursday concerning the shadow banning had just a quarter of views compared to most days.

There are 18 days until Election Day, so my hope is this will end soon.


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