What really happen on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6th?

Who will write about last month’s Capitol Hill protest like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young wrote of the student shootings at Kent State University?

If you wrote the song days after the event as “Ohio” was, today’s song would be so wrong in the narrative.

In the days after the Jan. 6th event the narrative would have been about a Capitol Hill policeman being killed by a Trump protestor using a fire extinguisher, which was wrongly reported by the New York Times and others. Officer Brian Sicknick’s autopsy showed no blunt-force trauma. A cause of death has not been released as of yet and no murder charges have been filed.

The narrative would also have stated that a horned insurrectionist was a Trump backer, when in fact video shows he attended Black Lives Matter/Anitfa protests in Oregon last year.

We also didn’t hear that the Capitol Building was breached while former President Trump was still speaking to the crowd more than a mile away from the building.

Now we learn that 35 Capitol Hill police officers being investigated for their actions on Jan. 6th with six officers being suspended with pay.

To be clear I am not condoning the actions that day, but like so much reporting during  Trump’s term, the press went after him and got it wrong and there was no suitable correction offered.

When will we learn the truth about what happen that fateful day? I don’t believe we will ever know despite calls for a formal investigation, because the truth in all the investigations against Trump including Russia Collusion, Impeachment I and Impeachment II show us the left can’t handle the truth.


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