BLM’s leader commits his own Black on Black crime

The NYC leader of Black Lives Matter called out Mayor Eric Adams Thursday calling him a “white man in black face” for his tactics on battling gun crime.

Hawk Newsome accused Adams of failing to protect black New Yorkers from the recently surging gun violence in Black neighborhoods.

“Don’t listen to what Eric Adams says, he gives great press statement. He’s the master of the press conference,” Newsome said.

“Some kid dies, he hugs their mother. He’s holding up sneakers, he’s crying. But what we elected him for — the city of New York — was to keep the city safe. This city is a war zone and he can’t stop it.”

Let’s not forget that it was the same Newsome, who came out in 2021, and threatened large scale violence with rioting and fires in the streets if Adams tried to cut down crime by bringing back stricter ant-crime police tactics.

So Newsome is basically talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to Black on Black crime.

Newsome, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, also referred to Adams by using a racial slur and called him a “white man in blackface, and a very conservative-minded white man at that,” in a TV interview.

“Mayor Adams has made clear that he believes that Black Lives Matter, but, as he said, he is hopeful that more New Yorkers will stand up and show their outrage when innocent Black and Brown individuals, many of whom are children, are victims to gun violence,” a mayoral spokesperson said regarding Newsome’s claims.

It’s my educated guess that Newsome would prefer for the city and state to throw millions or perhaps billions into community-based organizations — such as BLM — so that the grifting can continue.

If that’s the case, then this is another example of a Black on Black crime.