No reporters pressed Biden at his first news conference

Like any baseball manager, President Joe Biden had a lineup card going into his first press conference after 65 days in office.

No this was not the infamous NY Yankees’ Murderer’s Row lineup. This was more like a 5th grade girls softball lineup. “Ready Joe, here comes one right down the middle.”

Gone are the days when former President Donald Trump had to field questions like, “When did you stop beating your wife.” No shouting follow up questions or even raising hands to ask a question.

Even in these friendly confines, Biden whiffed on questions. He would misread his notes on answers to the talking points from the designated reporters. When one “reporter” — I put that in quotes because the lineup appeared to be complicit in letting the White House know what they would ask beforehand — suggested that Biden was a too nice of a guy and that was why people were flocking to the southern border, he just agreed.

All was going according to plan until it appeared Biden picked the wrong reporter despite having head shots of the reporters at the podium. The president was asked about his proposed gun law legislation and if he wanted to say anything to the families of the victims in the Boulder, Colorado shooting.

Biden, reading from his next cue card, went into a five minute talk on the need for additional building of infrastructure in the US, never mentioning anything about guns. Interestingly, not one reporter balked at the error.

No Biden did little in his hour-long outing to squelch his “Chauncey Gardiner” image in my eyes.

However, The White House press corps should be ashamed for being junk-ball pitchers.


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