I’ve got Georgia (voting) on my mind

The leftist main stream media’s coverage of the new Georgia voting laws will cost many lives as they continue to misinform millions of people and corporations as they continue to fester the country’s divisions.

Its been said a thousand times, but let me add: Is it not racist to say minorities are not capable of signing up for a government ID?

How is it that Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Delta and the Hollywood studios among others subscribe to this narrative without even reading the actual Georgia law.

Because the leftist news organizations backed the Democrats narrative, millions of Americans are misinformed about the new law. This was not about overturning the Georgia law however, it was all about making sure other states would not take up the same measures.

The last thing Democrats wanted in this country was further integrity in the voting process from other swing states. Voter ID and signatures are the last thing Democrats want to see for mail-in ballots or at the polls on Election Day.

MLB pulled its All Star game out of Atlanta, which has a large minority-owned business community and put it in mostly white Colorado that has similar voting laws to the new Georgia initiatives. How does that make any sense?

Well if they focused on the Georgia voting laws, then the leftist news organizations could ignore the crisis on the southern border and the huge tax hikes coming out of The White House.

It is truly ironic that President Biden would invoke Jim Crow-era laws or “Jim Eagle” as he put it to categorize the new law, when it was southern Democrats that initiated those same laws decades ago.

This whole sham of an issue really tells me that the devil has come to Georgia. Hopefully the phrase “Get Woke, Go Broke” will apply here.


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