Biden’s comments are causing ‘Civil’ unrest

What is the obsession of the Democratic leadership with the Civil War? Is President Joe Biden playing an re-enactor only on TV or does he believe the analogies he spouts?

Biden first used the Jan. 6th protest as being worst violence since the War Between the States. Seems odd since only one shot was fired, resulting in one death as oppose to 750,000 Americans lost in Civil War.

Now this week Biden is equating the proposed GOP voting rights rules to: “The 21st-century Jim Crow assault is real,” he said. “It’s unrelenting, and we’re going to challenge it vigorously.” He also called the proposals “the most serious test of our democracy since the Civil War.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fired back at these false analogies saying, “These false comparisons are an insult to the actual hurdles that Americans have overcome.” McConnell said​. 

Meanwhile Democrats in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania are attempting to thwart voter recounts where some real-life problems appear to have surfaced under the looser voting rules in 2020 enacted due to the pandemic.

While I agree that a house divided cannot stand, I believe it’s time for Biden and the left’s leadership to put down the Sawzall.


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