Brothers Cuomo have long history of privilege

This is only the beginning of the end for the Brothers Cuomo.

You could say it goes back to 1978 or so when both ex-governor Andrew Cuomo and I were both attending Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens.

One weekend night there was a fight at a bar in Hollis, Queens where there was some fists thrown, but mostly became a pushing match. Well one teenager was pushed into the street where a NYC bus hit him and killed him.

Mario Cuomo at the time was an Assemblyman representing that part of Queens. Needless to say a young Andrew was whisked away from the scene before police arrived.

So if that is your experience as a teenager, is it any wonder that the rest of your life you would feel privileged in your dealings with other people? Knowing you would never be held accountable for your actions.

I can’t be certain if that act kept father Mario from getting the nod to run for president in 1980 or was the cause of being over looked due to other skeletons?

So down goes Andy and down goes Chris, however I would like a state ethics panel begin to look at the sweetheart deals the Cuomo family gets through a homeless foundation it runs in the state. I’m almost certain those deals have questionable moves behind it.

Well we will need to wait on that to happen, but at least we have the schadenfreude to relish for now.

Hey big round of applause to the Baseball Hall Of Fame for finally electing Gil Hodges into Cooperstown. Another local boy makes good as opposed to the ones mentioned above.


1 thought on “Brothers Cuomo have long history of privilege

  1. Spot on!!! I think that applies to the bunch of “privileged” trying to run the entire world right now!!!
    They have been getting away with ‘whatever’ for SO long they seem to think they will never be held accountable for their actions!!

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