No de Blasio the sky is not falling, it’s just your poll numbers

It just cannot end quickly enough for most New Yorkers.

Of course I’m not talking about the search for a new Met manager, but of the reign of Bill de Blasio as mayor.

On Monday morning he went on MSNBC, which has only a slightly higher audience than the city’s YouTube page, to grandstand his “new, first in the nation” mandates.

First de Blasio went after private and religious schools last week saying all staff must be vaxxed by Dec. 20, but the city will not offer guidelines on this until Dec.15.

Why? Because that will hamper bringing suit against the city Health Department’s clear overreach.

On Monday, the mayor announce that all private business employees must be vaxxed. This at a time when must companies are wondering when they can reopen their Manhattan offices.

This big-foot announcement surely launched a 100,000 Zoom meetings as firms contemplate whether it is worthwhile to come back to NYC now or take a wait and see approach to how Mayor-elect Eric Adams handles mandates and reducing crime in the city.

Also on Monday it was announced your 5- to 11-year old child must be vaxxed to go to the movies or have a meal at a restaurant.

These measures go into effect on Dec. 27, a mere four days before de Blasio is shown the exit from Gracie Mansion.

So what is behind these draconian measures? The Omicron variant.

While it is still early on about what this new strain is, early indications are that it is a milder, less lethal version of the CoVid-19 virus. There is a thought within the medical papers that Omicron could work like a traditional vaccine, giving people a weakened dose that allows for antibodies to be developed.

None of that would stop de Blasio from running around like Big Bird screaming the sky is falling, even though the state confirms it only has 12 cases.


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