Hey, Jan. 6th is a Thursday this year

Today is Jan. 6th. A day that will live in infamy if you are a Democrat.

To the rest of the country it’s a Thursday in winter and one more day before the final NFL regular season weekend starts.

That’s the schism in the US. All other divisions whether mask or vaccine mandates, lock downs and school closures should be viewed through the lens of this day last year.

Many on the progressive left see today’s anniversary as the equivalent the “first shots” at Fort Sumter and the start of a new Civil War.

Little does the left know about their perceived enemy. Like I said, Republicans believe today is Thursday and let’s get on with life.

While no court — whether state or federal — actually held a trial on the merits of voter fraud in the 2020 election including the Supreme Court, Republicans woke up and threw out Democrats in many off-cycle elections in 2021.

Just to clarify, these state and federal courts ruled that technicalities or if the parties had standing to bring suit were used to dismiss the voter fraud cases. No cases resulted in a full trial with discovery of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses and a judge giving a verdict.

That being said, Republicans and centrists will do what the party out of power do in the midterm elections historically in November. The right will take both houses of Congress and make President Joe Biden’s next two years uneventful from a policy perspective.

So happy Thursday everybody. Let’s see if the NY Jets can win their last game this weekend.


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