It’s up to you Eric Adams to make it in NYC

New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants his cake and eat it too.

The new leader of NYC wants businesses to open their doors and bring the workers back, but he continued many of ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s draconian measures. Mask mandates in the office, social distancing and crime in Midtown are now the hallmarks of Manhattan.

How is Adams going to bring NYC back if he is mired in such progressive ideas?

Adams must deal with new the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who cut ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo a deal, and bring back law and order and consequences for criminal behavior.

Bragg has boasted that he will not prosecute many crimes and said as much to his staff of lawyers at the beginning of his term Monday.

What does that mean for Adams’ NYC resurrection?

It means Penn Station will be the hotbed of crime and homelessness. It means Midtown Manhattan will not be full of workers coming and going, it will be a dangerous place for unaware tourists trying to find a vaxx sight so their six-year old can eat at Applebees.

The post-holiday doldrums are setting in. The days are shorter, the weather is colder and travel is bolder. That being said, Adams could lose this city way before the St. Patrick’s Day parade rolls around.

He needs to bring back normalcy to the city before he can even think about a rebirth of NYC. That means he needs to get the Manhattan prosecutor on the same page with him. No free rides for criminals unless you want to lose the NYPD professionals, who will no longer stick their necks out for fear of being sued or losing their jobs for their actions.

It is not a truth anymore — as the song famously stated. It is no longer up to you New York, New York. It is up to Adams and the emboldened progressives under him to make it here for all of us.


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