Class(room) warfare in NYC schools

It’s unbelievable how far and wide the teachers’ union will go to do additional harm to their students.

In New York City the union rallied a group of politicians that they support to publicly shame Mayor Eric Adams to go remote. The union gave them their talking points.

It would be for two weeks, It would just be to slow the spread, it would be to combat growing absenteeism.

It should come as no surprise the request comes just before a snow storm that may cause schools to go to remote learning on Friday.

“We urge you to provide a remote option for about two weeks, until Tuesday, January 18th for parents to test and vaccinate their children to slow down the spread of COVID-19,” the letter states.

Knowing that Adams is a staunch advocate of keeping schools and the city at large open, the union called on politicians of color to do their bidding.

The note from the teachers was signed by state Sen. Jessica Ramos, Assemblywoman Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas and City Councilman Shekar Krishnan.

Studies have shown and the teachers union knows that children and teens do much better mentally, socially and physically if the are in school and not home in front of a computer.

“This is not a request for the New York City Department of Education to do something it has not carried out previously,” they allegedly wrote in the letter to Adams.

“It is difficult for faculty, staff and students to remain focused on studying and teaching as they hope they aren’t exposed to the coronavirus,” the letter continued.

Ironically, a New York State Teachers United Teachers union official had this to say in reaction to newly-elected Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s new mandate that local school boards should decide on wearing of masks in their districts, not an autocrat in Albany.

“Public health experts have been unequivocally clear that masks are an important part of the strategies designed to keep students, educators and our communities safe,” said NYSUT chief Andy Pallotta in a statement.

So masks work in Nassau County, but cross over to Queens and Brooklyn and they don’t work. We must go remote. Where is the science?

Adams’ Department of Education rebuffed the political tact of the union.

“The data shows the safest place for children is inside a school and all of our schools across the city have their doors open for the hundreds of thousands of families who rely on them as a lifeline every day,” a DOE spokeswoman said.


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