NYC Mayor uses race card to justify nepotism

This is the how NYC Mayor Eric Adams chooses to spend his honeymoon?

Fighting to name his brother as deputy NYPD commissioner for his security detail because of threats from white supremacists and anarchists?

The nepotism charge will ultimately be examined by the Conflict of Interest Board, a city ethics panel, to determine if former NYPD sergeant Bernard Adams is the only qualified candidate for the position.

However, when asked by the media if the mayor faces threats from white supremacists and anarchists both City Hall and the NYPD declined to comment.

Look if you want to hire your brother, you do not have to use the race card to justify it. Don’t waste your honeymoon dividing the city.

New York City has been beaten to a pulp the last three years. We do not need anymore division over race. Eric Adams needs to lead all of NYC. So to state — without any evidence — that white supremacists and anarchists are out to get the mayor is totally irresponsible and reckless.


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