Feds need to redefine its mission

Someone needs to get the FBI a dictionary.

The feds have a real problem defining the word terrorist and its many derivative meanings.

The Justice Department, who oversees the FBI has a similar problem.

The feds label parents at school board meetings complaining about critical race theory being taught in schools as domestic terrorist. Yet when an Islamic citizen from Britain comes to the US and takes hostages at a Dallas-area synagogue and demands the release of another convicted Moslem terrorist, the FBI is mum on motive and refuses to label that as terrorism.

It begins at the top of the Justice Department with Merrick Garland. Thank God this man was not confirmed to sit on the US Supreme Court, where he could have pushed his progressive thoughts for a decade or more.

In another glaring example of turning a blind eye to motive in order to push an agenda, why was the subway pusher over the weekend not charged with a hate crime in the alleged killing of Michelle Go?

Both NYC Mayor Eric Adams and embattled Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg are mum on motive. You have an Asian woman being attacked by a Black man. I’m guessing the optics aren’t right to allege a hate crime.

And where are the Asian community leaders and politicians to demand action?

No, I guess I have to go to the dictionary, maybe Webster’s has gone woke, and I am wrong.

If I am, though, we are all in serious trouble.


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