NY politicians need to remember the last 3 weekends

Is it not ironic that many of the NY politicians who could be held responsible for the shooting death of an NYPD patrolman are now saying what a tragedy it is?

Newly elected City Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan tweeted earlier, “The NYPD is still the biggest gang in New York City.” Now that the murder of a cop, Jason Rivera, happen in her district, she had this to say, “A loss of one is a loss to the whole,” she said. “I stand with the families of the fallen.”

You assume she is talking about the NYPD, but it is not clear.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who is no friend of the NYPD through his non-enforcement of crime, tweeted “violence against police cannot be tolerated. We are actively working to hold the shooter accountable.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James was tweeting earlier that, “Policing is embedded in racism.” On Friday she wrote, “All of New York is in mourning tonight. We pray for the safety of our police.”

Every weekend so far this year we have been hit with an explosive crime story that has shaken the city. From a rookie cop being killed and his partner being critically injured to an innocent woman being pushed to her death on the subway and a young woman working at Burger King being murdered as an afterthought to a robbery.

This year has only just started, but the trend is not looking so good.

What we need is less Twitter condolences and more pro-active movements from these “grieving” politicians to stop the violence.


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