The city that cannot sleep because of shots fired

The city that never sleeps appears to have apnea when it comes to gun violence.

New York Mayor Eric Adams finally had a meeting with the five district attorneys to discuss increased shootings in the city since coming into office last month.

Let me remind you this meeting comes more than 10 days after a Harlem shooting, which resulted in two officers being killed. I mean these “leaders” could not have freed up sometime on the Saturday after the shooting?

In the least comprehensive statement — I’ve seen in a while — released after the meeting it was described this way, “The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the mutually shared goals of keeping New Yorkers safe, particularly from the rising toll of gun crimes,” the statement said.

The conversation “was wide-ranging, candid, and productive.”

Give me a break.

“The mayor and district attorneys agreed that, among other things, safety and justice are not mutually exclusive, and must go hand in hand,” the statement included.

This is an exact echo of last week’s statement by Gov. Kathy Hochul after she met with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Hochul, who said she was “monitoring the situation very closely,” can actually fire Bragg, while Adams’ hands are tied.

This meeting came three days after Dominique Luzuriaga, the widow of slain Detective Jason Rivera, ripped into Bragg’s policies of being soft on crime during her eulogy at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

It’s disgusting that these “city leaders” took this much time to convene a meeting on a topic that saw five police officers be shot in the first month of the year.

Adams should know if you just pay lip service to a problem, that problem will only grow. So I hope in the sense of the meeting statement “that discussions are ongoing” and “meaningful policies will be executed”.

Or else it will be more of the same in the town that cannot sleep due to shots fired.


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