NYC is not getting tough on crime

Mayor Eric Adams told New Yorkers he was unleashing a lion on Friday at the funeral of slain NYPD detective Jason Rivera and then on Sunday he pulled all the lion’s teeth.

Adams said the anti-gun team will not repeat the mistakes of the past, which means he believes that the most effective way to get guns off the street was flawed.

“We know what was wrong with the unit. It was an abusive unit. It targeted and profiled,” Adams said.

The mayor said officers involved in the new team would have the right training and be required to wear body cameras that are turned on when they stop or question someone.

“You are not going to interact with the public unless the entire interaction is on body camera. Those days are over,” Adams said.

So tell me again why a NYPD officer would want to be on this detail. City Hall already assumes you are wrong in any engagement you have with the public. The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would probably want to prosecute the cop more so than the perp.

An excellent analogy is the Rite Aid store on the west side of Midtown Manhattan. This store is closing because it has been hit by shoplifters so many times that the corporation decided to shutter it rather than fix it.

If Bragg will not enforce laws on shoplifting, then why bother being on the anti-gun squad because the cops will probably be held in contempt for any arrests made.

Prosecutors will pour over the body-cam footage to see where they can say the perp’s rights were violated despite having a Uzi and committing a crime. Then chances are the cop making the arrest will be fired.

The deck is stacked against all of us. Adams can’t tell New Yorkers he has our back in fighting crime and then pull the rug out from under us. As I wrote last week half-measures do not work.

So let’s settle this right now. Eric Adams’ New York is not tough on crime, it’s tough on crime stoppers.

And for that we will all suffer greatly.


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