Another cop shot, another cop funeral

You don’t need a groundhog to predict where New York City is headed.

We will have six more weeks of police shootings either way.

A sixth cop was shot in the Rockaways last night as he was stopped at a traffic light while off-duty heading for work.

I’ve told you the worst job in the city is the guy or gal who has to transport Mayor Eric Adams podium to any area of the city in the middle of the night because of a police shooting.

On Thursday Adams is supposed to speak with his “home boy” President Joe Biden about the federal response to illegal guns. Of course this is just lip service again, with no real solutions coming out of the meeting.

Neither Democrat will come out of this meeting with better poll numbers since they both really do not want to tackle the problem at hand.

Gun-totting criminals need to be locked up before they use the deadly weapon. Cops need to be able to identify these criminals without restraint . They can’t if the criminal sees them wearing a NYPD pullover or other identifying markings. Plain clothes, should be plain clothes.

On a day where “Detective” Wilbert Mora is to be buried after being killed in Harlem last week, Adams needs to stop placating “woke” politicians and let the NYPD do its job.

Do you think any law abiding New Yorker at this point really cares about the civil liberties of a alleged shooter? Or do you think New Yorkers believe the city is going down in flames?

How many businesses closed down because of idiotic CoVid mandates and lock downs? Put that against how many thugs profited from ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s go soft on crime initiatives.

There is no level playing field for everyday citizens in NYC. The deck is stacked against those New Yorkers who obey the law.

I feel like Adams’ only response to the epidemic of police shootings is to have duplicate podiums in each boro so he can “detest” the shootings sooner.

Mr. Mayor that is not the answer.


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