Biden’s Ukrainian invasion response was weak and tepid

On this President’s Day week, it would be nice to have one in the White House.

President Joe Biden’s response to Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin for its invasion of Ukraine was tepid and calling him a “bully”.

Hell, Biden had tougher words for Corn Pop than he had for Putin.

Biden never said that the US or NATO will beat back this act of aggression. He never said Putin will pay dearly for his decision. No, all Biden had to say was that history will look back on this day poorly for the Russian leader.

He could not even muster up a “Day of Infamy” line.

No America’s response to the deadly actions was to cut Putin’s allowance. His bank account is frozen.

Really? You don’t think he doesn’t have an alternate plan to evade international banking laws? Russia could sell a million bitcoins to fund this operation.

Welcome to 2022, where an American president does not say we will win, we will beat back the Russian aggression and put them in their place. No, we get Biden saying that Putin was wrong in doing this and we will call him names.

Biden did not say that we will win this war. He said Putin and the Russian people will suffer because of the sanctions being put in place.

History should tell Biden that counting on the Russian people to complain about economic suffering in the winter is a suckers bet that from Attilla the Hun to Napoleon Bonaparte to Adolph Hitler all got wrong.

Biden’s response to a question about whether economic sanctions alone will work, responded with “Let’s have a conversation in another month or so to see if they’re working.”

So much for America being the beacon on the hill.

No Joe Biden’s America is the flustered parent taking away a child’s allowance after the kid shows up at school with a gun.

It’s disgusting. We should be better. The Ukrainian people deserve that.


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