A new pandemic strikes our youngest generation

There’s a public health crisis sweeping across America right now. A deadly contagion has gripped our population. Children, teenagers, and young adults are most susceptible to it and most seriously harmed by it.

No, it’s not COVID-19. It’s the highly contagious and transmissible craze of transgenderism and trans ideology that is infecting the minds and poisoning the hearts of our nation’s children. 

This virus can be caught in public school classrooms. Or from watching Disney+. Or by scrolling on smartphones. In some cases, wicked teachers or other trusted authority figures — groomers — intentionally expose students to the disease. When contracted, side effects can include self-loathing, body-hatred, and mental illness that often terminates in physical mutilation or even suicide.

Consider this staggering statistic: According to The Gender Mapper, there are now “300 clinics that prescribe puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children in North America. In 2016 there were less than 50, in 2013 there was a handful.”

According to Gallup, “the share of younger Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender has risen precipitously in the last decade. Almost twenty-one percent of Generation Z — meaning, for the purposes of the survey, young adults born between 1997 and 2003 — identifies as L.G.B.T., as against about 10 percent of the millennial generation, just over 4 percent of Generation X, and less than 3 percent of baby boomers. Comparing the Generation Z to the baby boom generation, the percentage of people identifying as transgender, in particular, has risen twentyfold.”

You can’t say a twentyfold rise in transgenderism is a natural progression. It has to be far more of a progressive agenda.

We need to protect children from the rapid rise of mutilating their bodies in the hopes of feeling better about themselves. How many studies do you need to see that state pre-teens going through puberty — with the onset of hormones flooding their bodies —feel awkward or self loathing at times.

You can’t expect them to decide rightly that they are the wrong gender. By law you don’t allow them much in the way of rights at that point in their lives. So why would you say it is okay for them to take puberty blockers or opposite gender hormones?

If we believe it’s necessary for children under five to wear masks for CoVid, we should also make it extremely difficult for them to change their gender at 10-years old.

Because a twentyfold rise in two generations sounds to me like a pandemic.


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