FDNY’s Timothy Klein is worthy of the Hall Of Fame

Today’s column is a tale of two graduates of my high school — Archbishop Molloy — and how the school should react.

The Stanner Hall of Fame — the school originally was in Manhattan named St. Anne’s hence the nickname — has many familiar names such as NBA stars Brian Winters and Kenny Smith to name two. Lou Carnesecca, longtime St. John’s University basketball coach is in there. Ray Kelly, former two-time NYPD Commissioner is a member. Astronaut Dr. Charles Camarda, who traveled on the Space Shuttle Discovery also landed in the Hall of Fame.

Well, I have a proposition for the committee who chooses candidates for the Hall of Fame.

Throw out disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo for all his misdeeds and immediately enshrine deceased FDNY firefighter Timothy Klein, who is being buried Friday because of his heroic actions in a Canarsie house fire on Sunday.

Klein exemplifies our school’s motto: Non scholae sed vitae, “Not for school but for life.”

Klein is everything good about Molloy, while Cuomo has long forgot — if he ever got it — the motto or the teachings of the school.

For me in the future, I will not be pointing to famed sports figures or politicians as our most famous alumni. No, I will say I graduated from the same high school as Timothy Klein.

If the person gets it great, if not well I will feel good about myself regardless.

Rest In Peace Timothy Klein, I am honored to have had this shared experience: Archbishop Molloy.


1 thought on “FDNY’s Timothy Klein is worthy of the Hall Of Fame

  1. Yes Timothy gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving his community. God bless him and may he rest in peace. He is certainly worthy of the honor of Stanner Hall of Fame, as with our other fallen heroes. Please do not link with any other members. His family deserves a non-controversial period of mourning. Be kind please.


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