Why reparations could doom the black community

Let’s take one last look at the creation of Juneteenth.

Despite some hazy math by Veep Kamala Harris, slavery in America did not span 400 years. If you want to say it started here in 1609 with the Jamestown settlement, which is highly unlikely since they could not feed themselves never mind a working staff, it ended in 1865.

That’s roughly 256 years as the crow flies, which puts it at roughly 13 generations ago.

One of the basic tenets of Juneteenth is reparations for past injustices.

Thirteen generations ago there were wrongs being done and now we demand money.

Here is what is wrong with that thought.

Less than three generations ago, wrongs were being done to the Japanese, the Jews, the Koreans and even sooner the Vietnamese. All these races were discriminated and sometimes jailed over their race.

Fast forward to today most of these races are doing much better than the average American economically, with no thought of seeking reparations.

So the question comes why with 10 more generations under their belt do a large minority of blacks still not find the golden ticket that is America?

There were white Irish slaves in America, yet we managed to have a President two generations before Barrack Obama. It’s not purely racism that is holding black people back, since there are many affluent, highly educated professionals in many fields of study.

This is why I am against reparations in the form of another cash day in the black community from the government. It does very little to lift anyone out of the long-term poverty they have experienced.

Look at the the Japanese, the Jews, the Koreans and the Vietnamese. They did not require government handouts. All these races picked themselves up with education.

If you want to offer reparations, do it with grants to the black children to give them better inner city education options. That could end the talk and the generational misery experienced by the minority of blacks.

Provide a better runway for the children and watch them soar.

Is it the 4th of July yet? Because that’s a holiday I can get behind.


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