City Dept. of Health can’t mask the truth

You have got to be kidding me with this news.

The city Health Department has once again recommended that New Yorkers wear masks indoors and in large gatherings outside amid rising COVID-19 rates even though hospitalizations and deaths remain low.

“We’re currently seeing high levels of COVID-19 in NYC. To help slow the spread, all New Yorkers should wear a high-quality mask, such as an N95, KN95 or KF94 in all public indoor settings and around crowds outside,” it said in an advisory tweet.

However, the Department of Health reports that new daily cases doubled from a seven-day average of just over 2,000 in April to nearly 4,000 in July. But hospitalizations for vaxxed and boosted New Yorkers (as of June 18, the last date fully tabulated) was running at the rate of a mere 4.83 for every 100,000 residents — compared with 7,202 among 100,000 for the unvaxxed.

The DOH also reports that of the daily average of five “COVID-19” deaths in the city, almost none are among vaccinated and boosted New Yorkers. The most recent figures show a daily death rate of an infinitesimal 0.15 for every 100,000 people. Yet even those numbers are suspect as they don’t say how many victims actually died of COVID-19 and how many had COVID-19 at the time of their deaths due to other causes.

While Mayor Eric Adams seems non-plus about the DOH advisory concerning the sixth strain of COVID-19, saying on Thursday the city was not in a crisis situation, though the positivity rate has ticked up.

“When we look at our numbers, we are at a good, stable place,” the mayor, who recovered from COVID-19 himself back in April.

“The numbers are ticking up, according to our healthcare professionals this morning, but we’re not at the place where our hospitals have been over-impacted, and we’re not at a place where it’s stopping our growth in the city. So we are continuing to monitor so we can make the right decisions.”


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