AOC has hands untied in SCOTUS protest

You have to hand it to far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tuesday as she tried to show she was handcuffed by federal officers while she was arrested at a pro-abortion demonstration outside the Supreme Court.

Ocasio-Cortez was gently escorted by a Capitol Police officer — the same agency she accused of being in cohorts with Jan. 6th demonstrators — as she put her hands behind her back to mimic that she was handcuffed for photographers.

The Internet soon showed that was not the case as images showed very soon afterward that she was never handcuffed, but was escorted to a grassy area to have water and be issued a summons.

Afterwards she took to social media to cover up her latest photo-op.

“Republicans’ favorite hobby is to make conspiracy theories out of everything to distract you and keep you from talking about what’s actually important — which is the fact that they are trying to take away your right to bodily autonomy,” Ocasio-Cortez said while speaking to the camera in an Instagram Story. “If I was faking that, why would I intentionally first pump somebody? It’s so silly.”

She may be good at this whole “woke” narrative, but she lacks discernment in her argument and execution.

Perhaps at some point in the future AOC will stand for Arrested On Conspiracy, then we can put this whole era (error) to bed.


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