Dems laboring under their own stances

Now that Labor Day is in the books, we can now move on to the midterm election campaigns.

Democrats can’t feel good about the end of summer as they will pay the price of their wokeness come this Nov.

They will have to answer for their stances on these four core issues:

  • Inflation remains at levels unseen in decades, after Democrats from President Joe Biden on down ignored warnings about the price-hike risks of their big-spending ways.
  • Green obsessions have pushed energy costs through the roof, with pump prices dropping slightly only because Americans have had to restrict their driving.
  • The left’s open-border policies have waved more than 4 million illegal migrants into the nation so far under Biden.
  • Democrats’ “defund the police” and “decarceration” policies have crime raging in cities across America.

As we saw last week in Biden’s strange speech Democrats have no answers for these positions. No they will run against former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans.

They will spew the same strange warnings by demonizing Republicans and never address the questions of their own platforms.

Don’t ask about how they feel about drag storytime or Critical Race Theory or bail reform and defund the police.

As summer turns to fall we will see Democratic candidates evading questions on their stances in order to try and pull off a win. Let’s not let them off the hook on this.


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